Pre-School Discovery Area ignites curiosity
January 19, 2022

Pre-School children at Rydal Penrhos ignite their curiosity and become inspired on a daily basis within the department’s Discovery Area.

Children embark on the first stage of their education at Rydal Penrhos enter our thriving Pre-School department.  This forms the opening bridge between home and school and is their opening experience of a learning environment, which is an exceptionally important stepping stone in a child’s life.

The aim of Rydal Penrhos’ Pre-School department, which is open for children aged 2-4, is to provide a stimulating environment in which every child can thrive and develop at their own pace, progressing key traits such as social skills, physical development, emotional wellbeing and building the first foundations from an academic perspective.

This enables our Pre-School pupils to be fully prepared for their upcoming move to a more structured environment in Reception, which is the formal start of their education journey.

In addition to all this, Rydal Penrhos Pre-School also ignites curiosity and enhances early creativity within its Discovery Area. This particular part of the department embraces many new and interesting experiences for the children such as tasting new foods, learning new words and developing skills such as spreading and cutting.

They experience the mathematical activities of weighing, measuring and sharing and the scientific process which occurs when food is modified through, for example, cooking or freezing. A fun way for each Pre-School child to familiarise themselves with important areas of learning in a relaxed and supportive setting.

Children are also given the opportunity to explore textures, experiment with natural and man-made materials, discover their environment and the world around them, encouraging them to develop an enquiring mind.

This is all part of an outstanding provision provided at Rydal Penrhos Pre-School. A place where staff are constantly going above and beyond the call of duty in pursuit of making sure our children are safe, happy and thriving.


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