Pre-School: Exciting activities aplenty for ‘Houses’ topic
May 21, 2021

Rydal Penrhos Pre-School children explore the topic of ‘houses’.

Rydal Penrhos Pre-School forms the bridge between home and school and is a young child’s first experience of an educational environment. It is therefore an important stepping stone in life and one that represents the first building blocks to a successful future.

Staff within the department provide each child with thought-provoking activities designed to boost early development, ignite curiosity and build key skills that stand them in good stead for when they are moving on to full-time education.

The staff are then essentially child led in how they want the topic to develop.

This term, Pre-School children at Rydal Penrhos are delving deeper into the topic of ‘Houses’, learning about different styles across the world, exploring castles, trees and even houses designed and built by man for animals or ones that animals create for themselves in the wild.

The “Shining Stars” group (3-year-olds) got the chance to dress up as Dragons and Princesses for a practical task surrounding the topic, which involved playing outside in the toy castle and creating their very own castle using the resources within the Pre-School department and the recently purchased wooden blocks.

Great fun, of course. But the benefits are also there for all to see.

It’s also been a busy time for the “Little Stars”(2-year-olds) contingent, who chose ‘Stick Man’ for their book of the week and took part in a walk around the school field to look for “the Stick Man and his family tree”. When they reached our picturesque Oak tree, they all sat down, read the story and looked for the animals that they could see in the book.

The “Super Stars” (Pre-School children who are entering Reception during the next academic year), have been discussing animal houses and created their own under the expert supervision of staff.

Pre-School manager Ms. Spencer says: “The children were very excited and used their imagination to create a fabulous, and a very unique, series of homes.”

Their latest trip into our very own Forest School even saw the children take their Houses topic into the woods to create their very own bug-house and go on the search for creepy crawlies to occupy their new creations.

Rest assured the bug-house is not now sitting nestled in the bottom of your child’s school bag but was taken to the Pre-School garden so that staff and children can keep track of which bugs now select their bug-house as their new home.

Learning in Pre-School extends beyond the discovery room and indeed the outside provision at school. Our childrens’ parents like to join in the fun too and so we use the  Evidence Me app that has proven hugely popular since its implementation. Staff are able to set a House themed task every Friday for children to experience with their family at home.

Ms Spencer, added: “Parents have given positive feedback about this and have uploaded images of their creations onto the app.

“This has been fun for our families and it’s been such a positive experience for the pupils. The children get very excited when bringing in their discoveries and adventure stories at the beginning of the following week to show teachers and friends and to talk about.


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