Edukid: Rydal Penrhos Pre-School Manager Visits Uganda
November 8, 2023

Rydal Penrhos Pre-School Manager Miss Letitia Spencer shares her experience of visiting Uganda with Edukid, Rydal Penrhos’ global citizenship partners, who have a 15-year history of working in the region.

“My trip to Uganda was an incredible experience, and I did not want it to end. I visited Koch Goma Primary and Senior School, where I taught dancing to hundreds of students. We had so much fun doing party dances and a masked parade with over two hundred students. We also did crafts and played sports, and every moment felt magical.

“Visiting Uganda opened my eyes to the extent of poverty in the country. I spoke to some older children who told me about their daily struggles. They walk for two hours to school, starting at 5am, and then another two hours back home after a full day of classes. Education is highly valued there, and the children there consider themselves fortunate to have the opportunity to go to school.

“Families who cannot afford their children’s education rely on sponsorship. We were able to sponsor the education of the two families we visited, and it was an emotional moment as we told them about our support. I also had the chance to talk to three former students who completed their education and now have jobs as a teacher, doctor, and pharmacist. They emphasized how education had changed their lives for the better.

“During the trip, I saw the difficulties people face in accessing clean water. Children had to walk long distances to collect water, and families used the same water source for washing their clothes. It was heart-breaking to see even very young children walking barefoot and carrying heavy loads of water. This experience motivated me to help as much as I could.

“We also visited two families who had almost nothing. They survived on just one meal a day, and their living conditions were very basic. Despite their hardships, we shared moments of laughter and joy, especially when we put together a jigsaw puzzle.

“Determined to make a difference, we collected money and bought essential items for these families, including utensils, mattresses, sheets, mats, rice, beans, solar panels, mosquito nets, bikes, clothes, shoes, two goats, and three chickens for each family. We also contributed to repairing the roofs of their homes and providing necessary medical care.

“My trip to Uganda was inspiring, rewarding, and emotional. It has inspired me to want to do much more. I have already booked spaces on future trips to Cambodia and hope to contribute to the Peru trip with Rydal Penrhos.”