Prep artists inspired by Welsh Mountain Zoo project
April 9, 2021

Rydal Penrhos Prep School artists drew inspiration from a prominent North Wales tourist attraction for a special project before the end of term.

One of the main features that make Rydal Penrhos such a fantastic place to learn is the creativity emerging every single day from the school’s Art department. Both Prep and Senior sites benefit from incredible Art rooms that come with all the equipment needed for pupils to flourish, which is matched by expert and passionate teaching from Mark Sherrington and Suzy Morris.

Mrs Morris has come up with some thought-provoking, topical projects for Prep School pupils over the last year both on-site and during the two main educational lockdowns due to COVID-19. This has not only enhanced artistic skills at a crucial time in each pupil’s development, but it also allows them to show emotions and relieve stress as well as having conversations about the wider world during such an uncertain time.

For her latest task, Mrs Morris decided to raise awareness regarding the plight of the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay, which is currently undergoing significant financial hardship after being closed for the best part of a year thanks to social distancing measures.

The zoo is desperately seeking more funding to continuing thriving once restrictions ease regarding attractions, with celebrities such as John Cleese producing videos of support in a bid to generate more in the way of interest.

Pupils have also done their bit to raise funds over the last year, with Cameron Pye scaling the equivalent of Mount Everest using stairs at his home during the first lockdown, which managed to contribute £1,181 to the zoo.

The latest art project saw pupils across different age groups pick their favourite animal residing within the zoo, before coming up with either a painting or drawing of their creature of choice.

This brought around some outstanding final pieces that will further add to the vibrant art across the Prep School site so staff, pupils, family members, and visitors can enjoy for themselves.

Well done to all pupils on their amazing work and everyone at Rydal Penrhos wishes the Welsh Mountain Zoo all the luck in the world when they re-open in the not-too-distant future.



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