Prep pupils rewarded for great Advent Term start
January 13, 2023

A large number of Rydal Penrhos Prep School pupils have been rewarded for an outstanding start to the 2023 Advent Term.

It’s been wonderful to see pupils and teaching staff across Rydal Penrhos this week as the Advent Term began. There was a fantastic buzz around campus as everyone returned from their well-deserved Christmas break eager to start learning and tell stories about what they got up to during the holidays.

Pupils threw themselves into lessons, extra-curricular activities and everything in between with their customary determination. Of course, they are ably assisted by the school’s outstanding teaching staff, who continue to bring the best out of each child from Pre-School to Sixth Form consistently.

It’s hard to imagine a more joyful place to begin an education than Rydal Penrhos Prep School. A school where the learning process doesn’t end at the bell, where every day is an adventure and a smile is part of the uniform.

The Prep’s been a hive of activity over the last few days as pupils get to grips with new topics, enhance core skills and further build friendships with their peers and other year groups.

In recognition of their superb efforts, staff rewarded a large number with special awards from Mrs Lucy Davies, Deputy Principal and Head of Prep, at their weekly Celebration Assembly on Friday 13 January.

Stars of the Week

  • Reception – Madlen
  • Year 1 – Lola
  • Year 2 – Joshua
  • Year 3 – Amelia
  • Year 4 – Wilfred
  • Year 5 – Lily
  • Year 6 – Pippa

Performers of the Week

  • Margot  – Year 4
  • Hattie – Year 6

Artists of the Week

  • Sophie – Year 3
  • Akshaya – Year 3

Reader of the Week

  • Megan – Year 3

Congratulations to our weekly Prep School winners and to every Rydal Penrhos pupil on their marvellous commitment and dedication to kick off the Advent Term.


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