Rydal Penrhos Pupils Visit Local Library as part of Reading Initative
March 15, 2023

Rydal Penrhos has once again demonstrated its commitment to promoting reading and literacy skills as the sixteen winners of the Prep’s latest reading initiative took a trip to Colwyn Bay library on Tuesday 14 March.

At Rydal Penrhos, the importance of reading and literacy skills cannot be overstated. Reading is an essential skill that can positively impact a pupil’s educational and personal life. Research has shown that children who read for pleasure achieve better academic outcomes and develop stronger cognitive and language skills than those who do not.

Additionally, pupils who read regularly are more likely to develop a love for learning, possess a more extensive vocabulary, and have better communication skills. In fact, a child’s reading ability at age 16 is one of the strongest predictors of their GCSE results, with pupils who fall behind their peers in reading struggling to achieve their full potential.

The Accelerated Reader scheme, which has helped several pupils at Rydal Penrhos Prep become “word millionaires”, is an integral part of the school’s literacy program. The scheme, which has been adopted by thousands of schools worldwide, helps pupils to develop reading comprehension skills and improve their vocabulary by providing them with books at an appropriate level of difficulty. Pupils are required to take comprehension quizzes on the books they have read, and their progress is tracked through an online platform, which provides teachers with data to inform their teaching.

The trip to Colwyn Bay library provided pupils with the opportunity to discover new books and appreciate the value of a public library. The library offers a wealth of resources to the local community, including access to books, computers, and study spaces. Pupils were particularly interested in the local history section, which features old photographs of the town and its landmarks. They were amazed to see pictures of Colwyn Bay pier in its Edwardian splendour and gain an insight into the history of their local area.

The library staff were fantastic, providing a warm welcome and giving pupils a tour of the facility. Pupils were encouraged to take out library membership forms, although many were already familiar with the library, having visited with their families. To top off the trip, pupils got to enjoy some delicious hot chocolate, which was much appreciated in this recent cold weather!

The library trip was an excellent opportunity for pupils to discover new books, explore their local history and learn more about public libraries and their value, given that pupils are already well-acquainted with the school’s own Lyndon Library. We would like to extend our thanks to the staff at Colwyn Bay library for their hospitality and kindness during what was a great day out for all involved. Additionally, we would like to thank the school’s teachers and parents for the vital role they play in instilling a love of reading in our children and young people.