Eglwysbach Show: Rydal Penrhos Pupil Triumphs
September 13, 2023

Rydal Penrhos pupil Elin Williams has achieved some fantastic feats at the Eglwysbach Show, a full agricultural and horticultural show based in the Conwy-county village. 

We are thrilled to share the incredible achievements of Year 10 pupil Elin, who participated in the Eglwysbach Show. Elin’s accomplishments across different categories not only demonstrate her talent and dedication but also make the Rydal Penrhos community immensely proud.

In the highly competitive children’s craft section (12 to 16 years), Elin showcased her artistic prowess and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on the judges and fellow participants. Her efforts were richly rewarded with a total of eight awards. Elin secured two first-place prizes, an impressive five second-place finishes, and a well-deserved third place. However, her artistic pièce de résistance, a stunning pointillism artwork, truly stole the show by earning the coveted title of “Best Exhibit” in her age category.

This achievement reflects Elin’s exceptional artistic skill and creative vision; qualities that we look to channel and develop in all our Rydal Penrhos pupils. Across two outstanding Art Studios with exceptional equipment, Rydal Penrhos pupils refine their artistic skills by studying a broad range of mediums and styles, from local artists to ancient international traditions. Pupils regularly achieve the highest grades at GCSE and A-Level and often pursue the subject in higher education or the world of work.

Beyond her artistic feats, the Eglwysbach Show saw Elin demonstrate her equestrian skills by presenting her horse, Max, at the show. Max proved to be a true champion as well, earning two first-place awards, a second-place accolade, and a third-place recognition during the in-hand showing. Congratulations again to Elin, and to Max as well!

Within our school’s community our aim is to provide pupils like Elin the opportunity to explore and cultivate their passions, whether they be in the arts, sports, or academics. We look forward to more good news stories as this term progresses!