Reception enhance STEM studies at Welsh Mountain Zoo
October 26, 2021

Reception class pupils at Rydal Penrhos boosted their STEM studies during a trip to the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay.

Our Reception class are just beginning their journey through education. Rydal Penrhos’ desire to provide a safe, happy environment for pupils to thrive is no more evident with the school’s youngest learners, who are curious, enthusiastic and supported by an exceptional group of staff.

STEM is much more than just science and mathematics concepts. The focus of hands-on learning with real-world applications helps develop a child or young person’s ability to think outside of the box, to project manage different scenarios, it enhances creativity and enables pupils to be more prepared for the 21st-century working environment.

Other skills attained through STEM learning include problem-solving, real-time thinking, igniting curiosity, promoting leadership and perhaps most importantly, learning from mistakes and reacting accordingly.

This is something the school implements into the curriculum from a very early age. Another example of this was when Reception enhanced their STEM studies at a prominent North Wales tourist attraction before the half-term break.

The group – supervised by staff – paid a visit to the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay, which is situated just a short distance from Rydal Penrhos and is utilised heavily by the school to aid development outside of the classroom.

Before their trip, pupils made their very own paper mache pumpkins during STEM lessons over a four-week period, using flour and water before painting the popular Halloween accessories.

Upon arriving at the zoo, they descended on the education room where they cut the lids off their “pumpkins” and filled them with straw before taking them to the Meerkat enclosure.

The pumpkins were then filled with mealworms and placed in the enclosure, which saw the Meerkats forage for some tasty treats much to the excitement of the entire Reception class.

There was time for the pupils to see other animals such as Tigers and the new Snow Leopard enclosure as well as enjoy a packed lunch and have lots of fun in the zoo’s play area.

Great work, Reception!



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