STEM: Royal Navy Visit Inspires Rydal Penrhos Pupils
July 8, 2024

Rydal Penrhos recently had the honour of welcoming the Regional Engagement Wales team of the Royal Navy for STEM-related learning.

On Wednesday 26 June, Warrant Officer Class 1 Rob Govier led a team that provided our Prep School pupils with a captivating and educational session that brought the fascinating world of naval engineering to life.

The visit began with an engaging talk where WO1 Govier explained the principles behind buoyancy and the mechanics of how Royal Navy ships float. The pupils were particularly enthralled by the detailed explanation of how submarines rise and fall in the water, a process both complex and intriguing.

But the excitement didn’t end with theory. Following the discussion, our pupils were given the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge into practice. Under the guidance of WO1 Govier, they constructed their own models to demonstrate the principles they had just learned.

This hands-on experiment was not only a great learning experience but also a perfect complement to the innovative STEM curriculum that our pupils engage with regularly. Starting in Reception, pupils enjoy timetabled STEM lessons every week, ensuring high proficiency in this important field of study that occupies an increasingly important place in the modern economy.

WO1 Govier reflected on the day with high praise for our school: “Generally within 5 minutes of being on school grounds I can tell what the day will be like. Rydal Penrhos was a joy. This coupled with the fact that the submarine model I made that morning worked first time meant we had a fabulous day.”

He added, “[It was] great to follow up and deliver this session after their Armed Forces Covenant signing. It’s clear to see this Forces Friendly School achieving a gold standard in due course.”

The visit from WO1 Govier and his colleague was a memorable and enriching experience for our pupils, who are now more inspired than ever to explore the wonders of science and engineering. Thank you to the Royal Navy’s Regional Engagement team for making this superb learning opportunity a reality.

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