Sports Round-Up: Rydal Penrhos U11 Footballers Visit Manchester City and More
June 6, 2023

As we approach the end of the academic year here at Rydal Penrhos, there has been no let up in our pupils’ pursuit of sporting excellence.

The summer months are a time not just for the annual Sports Day celebrations, but for a whole host of sporting activities. The sunnier weather marks the welcome return of cricket, tennis, rounders, and more. In this vein, here we recap some stand-out achievements from our Rydal Penrhos pupils over recent weeks:

Key Stage 1 Gala (Swimming)

Rydal Penrhos celebrated a triumphant return to its KS1 Inter-House Swimming Gala, marking the first event of its kind since the pre-pandemic era.

The occasion, held on Friday 19 May 2023, garnered immense popularity among pupils and parents alike. The extraordinary swimmers showcased their talent and remarkable confidence, participating in multiple races throughout the day.

The final results of the gala are as follows:

  • Pembroke – 51
  • Snowdon – 64
  • Brecon – 65

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants and would like to thank the entire staff team involved, with special recognition given to Mr Edgley, our dedicated swimming teacher.

ISA Tournament (Athletics)

On Friday 19 May 2023 the Prep took 33 pupils to Manchester City of Sport Athletic Stadium to compete in the Independent Schools Association Athletics tournament.

This event covered schools from the North of England as well as North Wales and 27 schools took part across a wide range of athletic disciplines.

Our pupils competed in the U8, U9, U10 and U11 events and we had some impressive results with several pupils getting through the heats and into the finals. These included:

  • Year 6 – Freddie G – Second in shot
  • Year 6 – Harrison S – 80m sprint final
  • Year 4 – Carys W – 60m sprint final
  • Year 3 boys relay team
  • Year 4 girls relay team
  • Year 6 girls relay team

Well done to all who took part in this regional event and thank you to Mr McLeod and the other staff for training and taking them.

With such a high standard of athletics in our Prep, it is no wonder that Sports Day is such a competitive spectacle!

Visit of St. Mary’s College, Crosby (Cricket, Netball, Rounders)

Rydal Penrhos warmly welcomed St. Mary’s College, an independent, co-educational Christian school, for an overnight residential sport visit.

During St. Mary’s stay at Glan Aber and Beecholme, both schools engaged in a series of spirited matches across various sports, including cricket, netball, and rounders.

The event proved to be a resounding success, fostering not only exceptional sporting performances but also a deep sense of friendship and camaraderie.

Rydal Penrhos was delighted to host this visit and hope to welcome St. Mary’s back for more memorable encounters on the cricket field and netball courts in future.

Until next time!

U11s at Manchester City (Football)

Rydal Penrhos’ U11 footballers showcased their talent and resilience at a tournament hosted at Manchester City Academy. The facility is well renowned as one of the finest training grounds in English (if not world) football.

With great pride, our team competed in four exhilarating matches, making an impressive run to the quarter-finals, where the outcome was determined by nail-biting penalties.

Adding to the excitement was the presence of Kyle Walker, the renowned Man City and England player. A standout moment occurred when Oscar scored a remarkable goal from outside the box, which thoroughly impressed the Man City right back.

To culminate the experience, our team enjoyed a tour of the iconic Etihad Stadium, witnessing first-hand the home of Manchester City, the reigning Premier League champions.

Well done to every pupil involved; what a memorable experience!

U10 and U9 Visit to Abbeygate College (Cricket)

The U10 and U9 cricket teams from Rydal Penrhos showcased their prowess in four matches held at Abbeygate College on May 12, 2023.

Despite their younger age, our teams delivered exceptional performances, winning three out of the four matches.

We applaud our talented players for their remarkable achievements and extend our heartfelt thanks to Abbeygate College for hosting a memorable and enjoyable event.