Staff guest star on Podcast Club broadcasts
June 29, 2021

Rydal Penrhos’ teaching staff made special contributions to a popular extra-curricular activity with fantastic results.

One of the best things about a Rydal Penrhos education is what transpires beyond the classroom. The school has a rich and diverse extra-curricular provision for pupils of all ages, which build key skills and enhances intrigue in areas of interest that is proven to boost overall development in an encouraging fashion.

Focusing on academia is a core component throughout the school and something that’s brought an exceptional amount of success in terms of exam results, value-added, pupils reaching their first-choice university destinations and going on to thrive in the working world.

However, it’s through extra-curricular activities that children find their passion and nurture it under the incredible guidance and support of the school’s staff team, who put together a programme that truly has something for everyone.

One of the more popular additions to the options for Years 3-6 this academic year has been the Podcast Club, which is an ever-growing method of acquiring knowledge and communications in the increasingly digital age.

These fast changes are something that teaching staff fully recognise is essential to a child’s education. So much so, that some staff members took time out of their busy schedules to guest star in the club’s recent broadcasts.

Members of the Podcast Club were set a challenge of going around the school and interviewing staff on the topic of books. Each willing participant was asked eight thought-provoking questions for separate podcast editions, centring on their likes and dislikes, any books they would recommend and what sort of reading material they tend to avoid.

Each submission was then put together online with the tools each pupil has developed during their time with the Podcast Club so far under the leadership of teacher Catherine Culver.

A huge well done to the pupils involved with the Podcast Club. Not only for their efforts in their latest task, but also for the way they’ve taken everything on board in an area they had little experience in before signing up.

Podcast No. 1

Podcast No. 2

Podcast No. 3

Podcast No. 4

Podcast No. 5

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