Anti-Bullying Charity Recognises Rydal Penrhos as a Case Study in Ambassador Programme
June 10, 2023

The Diana Award, a prominent anti-bullying charity, has recognised Rydal Penrhos as a case study example of its Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme.

Rydal Penrhos is committed to cultivating a fair, secure and inclusive environment for all our children and young people. We recognise that, if our pupils are not safe and happy, then they will not truly thrive to the best of their potential. As such, guarding against bullying is an essential part in the functioning of our school.

Best-in-class pastoral care has long been a feature of a Rydal Penrhos education. From small class sizes, which allow teachers and staff to give pupils the individual attention they deserve, to a recognisable structure of form teachers and pastoral leads, who pupils can rely on for support, every part of our school is very deliberately geared towards supporting pupil wellbeing. However, this is not to say that the school is not continually looking for means to improve.

One of the new initiatives introduced in recent years to support pupil welfare is The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme. In the summer of 2021, Year 5 pupils underwent Anti-Bullying Ambassadors training, sponsored by Nationwide Building Society. These first Ambassadors, having taken charge of anti-bullying initiatives during their time in Year 6, then trained their younger peers. Now, the programme is a well-established feature of Prep life.

The impact of the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme has been truly transformative. It has further strengthened the inclusive anti-bullying culture at school. More than this, however, the programme has helped previously reserved individuals flourish with newfound confidence, taking the lead in delivering whole-school assemblies and raising awareness about bullying during Children’s Mental Health Week.

The positive impact of the scheme has now been recognised by The Diana Award, who have produced a report identifying Rydal Penrhos as a case study in the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme. We are delighted to share the report with our community; its findings demonstrate not only the effective implementation of this new initiative, but also the strong character and virtuousness of our pupils.

Thank you to The Diana Award and Nationwide Business Society for sharing the case study with us. To read it for yourself, please click here.