Strong year for Value-Added scores in 2021
August 25, 2021

The school’s results were in value-added terms the best ever achieved by Rydal Penrhos pupils once again in 2021.

Value-added is one of the best indicators of performance for schools like Rydal Penrhos. Examination results at the school remain at an exceptionally high standard, but it’s helping our pupils exceed expectations that truly sets us apart.

When pupils arrive in school they are evaluated through tests – most of the time they do not even realise this is what is happening. These enable the school’s teaching staff to conduct an assessment into their ability and performance as well as forecasting the child’s likely outcome at GCSE and A Level according to the national average.

To ‘Add Value’ means a school can significantly influence a child’s performance through such a high standard of teaching that the projected outcome is improved. Therefore, achieving much better grades than originally projected had they attended a school more in keeping with the national average level.

Once results are published, the school sends statistics to the Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) based in Gateshead, which works in symmetry with the University of Cambridge to correlate value-added scores relating to performance.

Rydal Penrhos’ pupil-centred approach, constant monitoring and reporting, together with an outstanding academic provision both on-site and remotely during the educational lockdown have brought overwhelming value-added scores at both A Level and GCSE once again.

The school recorded a value-added score is 1.04.  this means for every ten subjects taken, all of them came out with one grade higher than originally predicted.

Similarly, at GCSE, the value-added score from this year’s results was 0.81, which was almost identical to the 2020 figure of 0.8. This equates to just over eight out of every ten subjects taken resulting in higher grades than projected.

We are delighted with these results and feel it is a good indicator for parents that they are giving their child the very best opportunity to perform to their highest capability and even beyond it.

Although pupils were unable to sit normal examinations due to Welsh Government restrictions surrounding COVID-19, each pupil and staff member deserves a tremendous amount of credit for working hard and adjusting well to ever-changing circumstances to ensure their goals were attained and in most cases, exceeded.

Rydal Penrhos continues to create an education that enables our pupils to thrive through excellent teaching and support to achieve their best across all academic subjects and the diverse extra-curricular opportunities available.

These skills along with academic achievement are what enables our young people to move on to Key Stage 5 or the next stage of their journey away from the school with a solid foundation that enables them to flourish.

*It should be noted that the 2021 value-added data may not be entirely comparable to previous years due to the protocols adopted by the exam boards due to the Coronavirus pandemic.*

Rydal Penrhos Value-Added Graphs


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