Year 11 pupils explore two local artists on Oriel Mon visit
October 29, 2021

Year 11 art pupils at Rydal Penrhos got the chance to discover more about two prominent local artists on a recent trip before the half-term break.

Our pupils not only benefit from an exceptional education and extra-curricular activities across Rydal Penrhos’ outstanding campus, but they also get plenty of opportunities to enhance their knowledge with trips and excursions throughout the academic year.

These have made a welcome return to the calendar after the significant COVID-19 disruption, which is something that is benefitting pupils of all ages enormously during the autumn term so far.

Another strong example of this was a recent trip organised for GCSE Art pupils in Year 11, who paid a visit to the Oriel Mon Gallery on Anglesey with the school’s head of department Mark Sherrington before the half-term break.

The primary objective for the Year 11 group, according to Mr Sherrington, was to take advantage of a great opportunity to see an exhibition by two local painters.

Gilly Thomas’ incredible work centres on brightly coloured paintings of figures and dreams that tap into anxiety and emotions in a very powerful way.

The other artist, Louise Morgan, produces work contrasts, is large in scale and also features expressive paintings of the picturesque Snowdonia National Park where poetry is often used as a starting point.

During the visit, each pupil was able to get up close to the work, discuss it amongst themselves, make copies and work from some pre-prepared worksheets, analysing what the artists were doing and how they approached each painting.

It was the first time since March 2020 that the Art department has been able to return safely to a gallery as a group. Something they all got a tremendous amount out of ahead of an important time in the GCSE assessment process.

Mr Sherrington, said: “The Year 11 pupils enjoyed the chance to add to their coursework submission outside of the classroom.

“Perhaps, more importantly, it reminded us all of the importance of seeing work in the flesh where a visceral and real response results in a deeper understanding.

“The gallery can be a place where dialogue is often initiated that continues in the cafe over lunch, on the journey home or in the studio writing up our findings the next day.”


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