Year 2 thrive during Xplore Wrexham trip
February 24, 2022

Year 2 pupils at Rydal Penrhos took part in a series of exciting activities as part of their trip to the Xplore Science Discovery Centre in Wrexham.

After a difficult two years due to COVID-19, things are now returning to normal and Rydal Penrhos pupils are resuming some important elements relating to their overall development. Sporting fixtures are once again in full swing and eager learners are also benefitting from trips, outdoor education sessions and excursions under current guidelines implemented by the Welsh Government to enhance their extraordinary efforts inside the classroom.

These key factors have always formed a core part of the exceptional education provided by Rydal Penrhos, which constantly sees pupils young and old reach or even exceed their respective goals.

Year 2 pupils were the latest to boost the curriculum in an unfamiliar surrounding under the expert support of staff, with the group making an exciting trip to the Xplore Science Discovery Centre in Wrexham just before the half-term break.

The focus was of the trip was materials to go with Year 2’s impressive science work in class. The pupils watched a ‘Materials Magic Show’, took time exploring the different investigative stations and also participated in a thought-provoking ‘Humpty Dumpty‘ workshop.

For this, they worked in groups to create a soft landing for a raw egg using balloons, straws, sellotape, paper and string. Something that improved teamwork, communication and brought their science work to life with real-time experiments and adjustments where needed.

Once again, each pupil involved got a substantial amount out of the experience, acquired a wealth of new information and had plenty of fun in the process.

A huge thanks from everyone at Rydal Penrhos to the Xplore Science Discovery Centre team for making us feel so welcome and to our pupils for representing the school in an exemplary fashion.