Year 4 art project brings tropical birds to life
February 18, 2021

Year 4 pupils at Rydal Penrhos brought tropical birds to life as part of another exciting art project.

Keeping children enriched and entertained has been a key component of the Rydal Penrhos online learning provision during the second educational lockdown. Teaching staff have worked hard to produce a thought-provoking timetable that not only enables pupils young and old to remain on track with their academic development, but also improve other key skills.

One thing all Prep School children love is their weekly Art lessons with Suzy Morris. This passionate teacher has been instrumental in leaving no stone unturned regarding a plethora of projects over the last 12 months that continue to ignite creativity in Rydal Penrhos pupils from the comfort of their own homes.

Some truly exceptional work has been produced by all year groups, with a recent Year 4 project surrounding tropical birds another strong indicator of the fine commitment being displayed by pupils despite the obvious distractions and uncertainty around them.

Art is a great release for pupils. It allows them to escape from their usual academic stresses and improves elements such as self-confidence and self-understanding, communication skills and cognition.

Year 4 were tasked with coming up with sketches, coloured drawings or paintings relating to tropical birds and goodness didn’t they produce some eye-catching final creations that were vibrant and detailed in equal measure.

Pupils and staff deserve a tremendous amount of credit for showing their customary enthusiasm to ensure there is minimal loss of learning despite educational methods looking far different from that which everyone was experiencing before the coronavirus pandemic gained a firm grip on society.

Well done to Mrs. Morris and Year 4 for their latest fantastic project. We are very proud of you all.

Year 4 Tropical Bird art project


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