Year 6 lock away new Rydal Penrhos Time Capsule
May 20, 2022

Year 6 pupils at Rydal Penrhos locked away their very own Time Capsule to be opened long after each pupil has departed the school onto the next stage of their journeys.

After becoming inspired by an exciting discovery within St John’s Church, Year 6 pupils at Rydal Penrhos have been hard at work creating their own Time Capsule that has now been locked away for future pupils and teaching staff to open in the future.

This came after the school came across a Time Capsule from the Year 2000, which had been prepared by members of the congregation of St John’s Methodist Church, now the school chapel, which contained everyday items from the turn of the millennium as well as handwritten letters.

The time capsule told a story not just about the time it was prepared, but about the people who prepared it. Something that left Year 6 very keen to do a similar project under the supervision of staff. 

Pupils began by making a list of what they would like to put in their Time Capsule and spent time writing letters that will not be opened until 2042 by the next generation of Rydal Penrhosians in the same year group.

Capturing the moments from 2022 after what’s transpired in recent months was a fun task. The Time Capsule consists of COVID-19 tests, a face covering and hand sanitiser, with a flag for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and a blue blazer from our out-going school uniform also included. 

Mrs Lucy Davies, who is Deputy Principal and Head of Prep at Rydal Penrhos, said: “When the pupils opened the Year 2000 capsule they were very interested in what children had written as their favourite music and toys and so they made sure to include a current computer games handset and some current popular toys.

“There even included quite a large white horse toy and a riding rosette.

“The pupils worked out that they will be 31 when the capsule is opened and exclaimed at how old they would be!”

Mrs Davies also made a contribution to the capsule with a letter of her own, with the Reverend Dr Rob Beamihs, Chaplain of Rydal Penrhos, putting his own thoughts down on paper and a letter from the 2000 capsule recently opened by Year 6 was put in to keep continuity.

After standing locked on display this week, the capsule has been sent down to the school archive in our cellars to await its re-opening in 20 years. Something that provoked great excitement within Year 6 as they envisaged what Rydal Penrhos would look like by this point. 


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