Halloween: Rydal Penrhos Year 7 and 8 Pupils Celebrate in Spook-tacular Style
October 31, 2023

Rydal Penrhos Year 7 and 8 pupils set the stage for an unforgettable Halloween celebration with a spooky soirée on the ominously fitting Friday the 13th of October.

This thrilling event unfolded just one week before the much-anticipated half-term break. The Ashcroft Room, the Rydal Penrhos Year 7 and 8 social base, typically a space of warmth and camaraderie, underwent a remarkable transformation into a sinister dungeon, decked out with an impressive array of black and orange Halloween decorations. The room’s eerie ambiance was the perfect backdrop for the creativity and enthusiasm of the pupils.

The variety of costumes displayed at the event was truly exceptional. Pupils drew inspiration from a diverse range of sources, showcasing characters like the iconic Wednesday Addams and even beloved video game heroes, Mario and Luigi. The dedication to their superb costumes added an extra layer of entertainment and interest to the evening.

Guests were treated to a delectable spread that included tasty pizzas and an assortment of tempting sweet treats. However, the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the suspenseful donut bobbing competition, a game that had everyone laughing and cheering.

The success of this spine-tingling event was made possible by the invaluable assistance of Rydal Penrhos Sixth Form pupils, including several Prefects. Their involvement was instrumental in ensuring that the younger pupils had a truly frighteningly good time. Not to be outdone, the school’s dedicated staff and teachers fully embraced the Halloween spirit, donning some exceptionally creative costumes that wowed the attendees.

The Halloween Spooktacular was an evening that will be remembered for its delightful mix of fun, food, and spine-tingling scares, offering a perfect way to bid farewell to the first half of the term.

Rydal Penrhos would like to wish everyone a fang-tastic and enchanting Halloween! We hope your celebrations are as good as those enjoyed by our Year 7 and 8 pupils!