My first year at Rydal Penrhos senior: Chloe
June 17, 2020

We caught up with members of Year 7 at Rydal Penrhos to find out what they’ve thought of their time in the senior school so far.

First up in this new series is Chloe Tillman Lennon, who is a member of Payne House at Rydal Penrhos and also achieved national recognition for her efforts with the Sea Cadets.

How have you found your first year at Rydal Penrhos senior school?

I have found it very exciting and I enjoyed having more freedom and also having a wider variety of different lessons.

What are the main differences between primary/prep and senior?

We get a lot more freedom like we get to either go to the Ashcroft Room or talk on the Memorial Quad at break time and we are also trusted to walk ourselves to and from lessons.

How much support did you receive from the staff?

I received a lot of support when I moved up to senior school and whenever else I needed it.

Have older members of the school community been helpful?

Yes. They have shown me around and are very supportive.

Favourite lessons?

I really enjoy Home Economics (Food Studies) and English.

Favourite memory?

When we first moved up from the Prep School and we met loads of new friends.