Year 8 & 9 pupils reflect on a busy term of change
November 30, 2020

A pupil perspective on a term of positive changes at Rydal Penrhos.

It has been an exciting term full of positive changes at Rydal Penrhos. The school has worked exceptionally hard to ensure that each pupil continues to get the most out of their education despite ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19.

This has been boosted by some significantly positive curriculum changes, an exciting extra-curricular provision and an after-school clubs programme that has captured the imagination of senior school pupils.

Ceylin Buckley – Year 8

“In my opinion, the clubs are a cleverly thought out program, you are surrounded by a friendly environment and can’t help but laugh your socks off!

“They are an incredibly important part of education because they cause you to wind down at the end of the day and have some rest. Sometimes you can even have some sort of fitness to wake you up.”

Rydal Penrhos has also managed to prevent learning loss in its pupils during the first and fire-break lockdown periods. This includes providing regular lessons remotely for every year group, giving Sixth Formers online courses regarding university preparation, an outdoor education provision that continues to thrive and thought-provoking homework activities under the guidance and support of staff.

Keira Luke – Year 8

“Lessons are given to us in a way that is interesting, understandable and challenging at the same time. Homework helps us re-consolidate what we learned in class and is easy to keep track of through Show My Homework.

“Outdoor Ed teaches us loads on how to navigate and more whilst also letting us have fun and work as a team with our classmates.”

Perhaps the most exciting improvement to educational standards has been the introduction of free Generation 8 iPads for every pupil in Years 3-13. This is something that is already benefitting them in a classroom environment and can be used during remote learning in the event of further lockdown measures.

Finlay Perry – Year 8

“I really like the addition of the iPads to our learning toolkit. The selection of self-service apps is brilliant. The features that we are allowed to use have also been brilliant.

“I love the fact that we can use all the functions, such as wallpaper, widgets and home screen customisation. The shortcuts app is also a good inclusion.

Also, I think the self-service apps are good, some of the best ones are:

  • The streaming apps
  • Duolingo
  • Kahoot!
  • Py

Arun Ramesh – Year 9

“The iPads are really useful in lessons as we can now more easily do teamwork (because we can share documents) and if we are using OneNote the teachers are able to remotely help us from their iPad.

“I don’t really use the iPad at home unless we have work set directly set on them, as I think it’s a lot easier working on a PC.”


Rydal Penrhos is now able to offer private tours to prospective pupils and their families.

For more information email admissions@rydalpenrhos.com or book online at https://rydal.wpengine.com/open-days-visits.