Year 8 study skills work praised
November 16, 2022

Year 8 pupils have been boosting their study skills during specialist sessions with Rydal Penrhos’ outstanding staff team.

Study skills are a core part of the learning process at Rydal Penrhos, whatever the subject area. All pupils have them, but it’s about recognising, developing, and refining them through various methods during their time in school.

Time management, revision and assignment planning, using electronic resources, reading/writing skills and critical thinking are just some factors associated with study skills. Developing these can help pupils feel more in control, become better organised and should assist in tackling various challenges before heading off to the next stage of their journeys.

Many study skills are transferable to higher education and the world of work. Developing the capacity to deliver good presentations and top-quality reports are two skills employers value as well as key traits such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving and working towards deadlines.

Year 8 pupils recently received praise for their application during specialist study skills sessions, with Rydal Penrhos staff putting together a comprehensive provision with thought-provoking activities designed to progress each individual at their own pace in a safe setting where they can thrive.

Among the topics covered over the academic year so far include motivation, organisation, time management and learning to learn. Other elements such as speaking/listening, finding answers and how best to utilise internet resources and apps have also featured prominently.

The most recent study skills session with Mrs Seenan centred on planning and organising story writing. After discussing best practices, pupils then worked together using story cubes to create exciting descriptive stories together.

Outstanding work, Year 8! And our thanks go to Mrs Seenan and every Rydal Penrhos staff member involved.


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