Rydal Penrhos works with industry-leading catering providers Holroyd Howe – offering pupils a wider variety of choice and a higher quality of food to boost their overall school experience and maximise their learning potential within a classroom environment.


We are firm believers in the connection between the body and the mind: feed one, feed both.
Holroyd Howe

Holroyd Howe has a wealth of experience working with schools and particularly those within the independent sector.

The company have been recognised for their exceptional work with a number of industry awards, including Independent School Caterer of the Year in 2015 and 2016.  The company will deliver training and development for our current catering team, assist with menu design, and provide professional advice through their in-house nutritionists.

Amongst a whole host of changes Holroyd have introduced rustic style salad bars, regular theme days and tasting tables and first-class hospitality, from match teas to formal dinners. Our breakfast, lunch and supper menus are inspired by local and international dishes.

Holroyd Howe’s offer is based upon: “glorious ingredients, balanced nutrition, making food fun, inspiring creativity and exceptional hospitality”.

These are exactly the values that we want from our caterers – to add value to our pupils’ overall educational experience.