The school day starts at 8.30am, with a formal finishing time of 4.20pm and academic teaching will conclude at 3.30pm.

Extra-curricular activities will take place from 3.30-4.20pm. After-school provision is available until 6pm.

School buses will run in line with the start of the day and will depart from Monday to Friday at 4.30pm.



8.30-9am – Registration, Form Period or Chapel

9-9.50am – Period 1

9.55-10.45am – Period 2

10:45-11.05am – Break

11:05-11.55am – Period 3

12-12.50pm – Period 4

12.50-1.45pm – Lunch and Activities

1.45-2.35pm – Period 5

2.40-3.30pm – Period 6

Monday to Friday

3.35-4.20pm: Extra-curricular activities.


3.45-5pm: Inset for Teaching Staff