Channels of Communication Sequence (academic and pastoral):

  • Form Tutor for any general queries or concerns regarding your child;
  • Heads of School Section: Head of Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) Miss Sarah Bollan; Head of Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11) Mr Paul Sanders; Head of Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13) Mr Alun Brown, for pastoral or academic queries, or concerns which may remain unresolved or give rise for greater concerns;
  • Deputy Head of Senior School: Pupil Matters (Mrs Alison Hind) – for pastoral or academic queries or concerns of a more complex nature or regarding matters that may remain unresolved;
  • House Parents – for pastoral or general queries regarding your child if a boarding pupil.
  • Senior School Head (Mrs Sally Harding)
  • Executive Principal (Mr John Waszek)


There are Designated Safeguarding Leads across the School community:

  • Mrs Alison Hind – Senior School DSL;
  • Mr Paul Sanders – Senior School Deputy DSL;
  • Mrs Lucy Davies – Prep School DSL;
  • Mrs Lavina Lewis – Prep School Deputy DSL
  • Mrs Louise Roberts – Prep School Deputy DSL.

All DSLs and Deputy DSLs are trained to the same level, and Senior and Prep DSLs may deputise in the case of absence across the school, as required.

We have strong pastoral structures within the school, as above, with the additional layer of support provided by our Counsellor, Mrs Tracey Boothby. Reverend Nicholas Sissons also lends a key support from a spiritual, emotional and pastoral perspective.

Colleagues work together to ensure that the best and most appropriate levels of support are sought and put in place for individuals in need of help or guidance, both pastorally or from a safeguarding perspective.

The School also has two designated Safeguarding Governors, Mrs Anne Watson and Mrs Debbie McKinnel, who work closely with the pastoral team and monitor the School’s pastoral and safeguarding arrangements.

We are extremely grateful for the time they afford the School as ‘critical’ friends in this capacity. Both attend training and update sessions to keep themselves abreast of requirements and developments in safeguarding matters.