Universities, Colleges and Gap Years

We know that life is only just beginning when you leave school at 18. A vital part of what we offer as a Sixth Form is to arrange information evenings, masterclasses and one-to-one tutorials to support you with whatever journey you decide to take, be it advice on your gap year or mock interviews for your university application.

Almost all Rydal Penrhos pupils proceed to higher education, either immediately after the summer they leave school, or after a gap year. In August 2020, 48 pupils out of 51 decided to proceed to university.

If university is the path you wish to follow, we offer all of our Sixth Form pupils guidance in applying to their chosen destinations. We pride ourselves on providing close and expert support throughout the UCAS application process. This enables pupils to focus on their A-levels, making sure they never find their exciting first steps towards life beyond school a burden.

Each year several of our pupils are offered places at Oxford or Cambridge and we receive many offers from Russell Group universities. In August 2020 over 87% of our pupils secured their first-choice destinations.

This Year Durham has proved a very popular choice, as has London University with pupils going to Kings, Goldsmiths and LSE.

We also support pupils in applications to overseas universities and have had pupils in recent years head on to MIT, West Virginia, Dartmouth along with universities in Thailand, China and Europe.

The Rydal Penrhos Society provides over 5,000 current and former pupils with an international network of individuals, who can share opportunities and experiences with each other through our social network or at one of our numerous social events we hold both nationally and internationally.

Please contact Sarah James at alumni@rydalpenrhos.com with any questions or queries about the Society.



The school has placed a strong emphasis on university preparation throughout Sixth Form in addition to their academic ethos and varied extra-curricular provision, which has resulted in a significant number of Rydal Penrhos pupils getting into their top university choice.

A full list of university destinations for 2021 can be found here


applying for competitive courses


Applying for competitive courses 

Pupils wishing to apply for competitive courses at Oxford or Cambridge, or for Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry are identified early in their academic life to enable them to receive help and timely guidance.

They are then encouraged to attend taster courses and apply for programmes like Medlink and Headstart.

UCAS applications are prepared in early September to make sure they meet the October 15 deadline.

Additional practice interviews are then arranged in November and December to maximise the chances of success for the pupils.