Applying for University

Mr Mike Farnell oversees the UCAS application process. We encourage all pupils to explore the following routes to higher education:

  • University Open Days
  • Unifrog- bespoke online platform that builds the Post-18 picture
  • ‘Centigrade’ careers programme – can be helpful in providing a starting point to help pupils narrow down their choices.
  • Mock interviews
  • Higher Education seminars
  • Job shadowing
  • Work experience
  • UCAS electronic application assistance
  • Careers Conference
  • Personal research (Unifrog and UCAS website)
Applying for competitive courses in the UK

Pupils wishing to apply for competitive courses at Oxford or Cambridge, or for Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry are identified at the beginning of year 12.

They are then encouraged to attend taster courses and apply for programmes like Medlink and Headstart.

UCAS applications are prepared in early September to make sure they meet the October deadline.

Additional practice interviews are then arranged in November and December to maximise the chances of success for the pupils.