Art Culture Club produce stunning African sunset paintings
November 14, 2019

Aspiring Preparatory School artists drew inspiration from the picturesque African landscape for a special project during enrichment.

The new Prep School Art Culture Club with teacher Suzy Morris has proved a huge hit since the start of the academic year, further boosting Rydal Penrhos’ provision outside of classroom hours.

Their latest project saw them take on the task of examining different paintings and pictures of African sunsets, studying elements such as lighting, contrast and background during the initial stage of the process.

Under the expert eye of Mrs Morris, each member of the club then took when they had seen and produced a painting of their own, which saw them spend considerable time on the

This brought with it some exceptional creations from the group, with the paintings now taking pride of place within the stunning Prep School Art Room.

Prep School Head Lucy Davies, said: “This was yet another fine example of the truly incredible impact that the Art Culture Club has had in such a short space of time here at Rydal Penrhos, which is down to the ongoing commitment of Mrs Morris with some of our most creative children.

“Inspiring creativity through Art and other enrichment elements of a well-rounded education is something that has been prominent throughout our Prep School for a significant period of time, and each member of the Art Culture Club is benefitting considerably from the experience.”