Prep and Pre-School Relocation: Rydal Penrhos Alumnus Visits to Produce Old House CGI and Artist Impressions
January 27, 2024

This week, Rydal Penrhos welcomed one of its alumni to produce CGI and artist impressions of our Prep and Pre-School plans for September this year. 

2024 is shaping up to be a year of tremendous optimism for Rydal Penrhos School. Our longstanding strategic goal of consolidating the school onto one site will come to fruition in September when the Prep and Pre-School move to a fully refurbished Old House, located at the heart of the school.

There are several key advantages to the new location, one of the chief among them being the superior drop-off and collection point on Lansdowne Road. This area, along with many others, will undergo renovation, providing an ideal access point for our pupils entering and leaving the school each day. Additionally, it will serve as valuable outdoor space for our younger pupils, tailored to enhance their learning, play, and creativity.

This week, to provide parents, carers, and our wider community with insight into our plans, we were visited by Rydal Penrhos alumnus Adam McLean, of Adam McLean Design. The talented design firm have been tasked with creating computer-generated images and artist impressions of the Prep and Pre-School’s new home.

Adam and his team toured and captured the Lansdowne Road side of Old House that will soon be the new Prep and Pre-School entrance. They were equipped with a drone to capture high-angle imagery; something that provided an exciting addition to normal lessons for our Senior pupils, as the drone buzzed around outside their windows!

The images produced by Adam and his team will play a crucial role in the upcoming stages of our communications regarding the move. We eagerly anticipate sharing more details about our plans, not only concerning the move itself but also about how we plan to celebrate the historic Pwllycrochan Prep School as we bid a final farewell to the building this summer.

To stay updated on the latest news and developments regarding our major site developments this year, please follow our website and social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and X. Finally, if you are interested in enrolling your child in our new Prep and Pre-School starting September 2024, we have a limited number of places still available. Apply now by contacting our Admissions team at admissions@rydalpenrhos.com or call 01492 530155.