Parents of Chloe donate to Blood Bikes Wales in memory of daughter
February 26, 2020

Parents of a former Rydal Penrhos pupil donated to a charity providing life-saving medical supplies in memory of their daughter.

David Thornley and Karen Farrell were stepfather and mother of Chloe Lou, who tragically lost her life following a tractor accident in 2017.

Mr Thornley and Mrs Farrell supported Blood Bikes Wales’ Wrexham group with a new Honda 800 VFR, which will be named after her daughter,

Speaking to Leader Live, Mrs Farrell stated they had been touched by a speech from Cllr Andy Williams, former mayor of Wrexham, during a charity event that prompted the generous gift.

She added: “Andy Williams is a fireman and his comments about being at the scene of accidents and seeing the Blood Bikes attend just resonated with us.

“The air ambulance came to Chloe and we thought that if it was needed, one of those bikes could help save someone in that position.

“It was quite a spontaneous decision – we did not quite know what to expect and I didn’t really know anything about the charity before.

“But we were very surprised. There must have been about 35 to 40 people in the room and they’re all volunteers.

“It really touched our hearts and it was very emotional to hand over the bike in Chloe’s name.”

There is a memory garden at Craiglwyd Hall Caravan Park for Chloe, where she worked as a youngster.

Head of Science Dave Robson, who was part of Chloe’s journey at Rydal Penrhos with Payne House, said: “Chloe was a girl who always threw herself into everything to the fullest degree.

“She could be relied on to take part in any House activity requested of her and she would always give of her best with a smile on her face.”