Book Collection held after inspired Sixth Form assembly on Uganda
October 31, 2019

A large number of Preparatory School pupils held another charity drive in aid of a worthy education enhancement initiative.

The entire school community got involved in a special charity task relating to Rydal Penrhos’ ongoing charity work in Uganda, collecting boxes of books via donations to be sent to less equipped education establishments throughout the continent of Africa.

The initiative gathered significant momentum after each Prep School child drew inspiration from a recent assembly delivered by Sixth Form pupils who embarked on the seventh charity mission to Uganda this summer.

During the assembly, the Year 12 and 13 groups discussed the work they participated in throughout their visit and their most memorable experiences during the trip.

After a huge effort from pupils and staff alike, four large boxes of books containing dozens of books were collected and will now be distributed to the extremely worthy cause.

Prep School Head Lucy Davies, said: “It was so heart-warming to see our pupils listen in awe to the Sixth Formers during the assembly on Uganda, and for them to use their own initiative and make a contribution to their book donation was extremely pleasing.

“Their caring attitude and empathy towards those less fortunate fills us with an enormous sense of pride on a daily basis here at Rydal Penrhos and I would like to thank everyone that lent their support to our book collection.”