Song of hope by former pupils goes viral in Ukraine
June 20, 2022

Two former Rydal Penrhos pupils created a song for the people of Ukraine during troubling times that has been well received within the country.

Ukraine hit the top spot in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, but there’s another unexpected music sensation created by two former Rydal Penrhos pupils which caught the nation’s attention as well as their hearts.

A song initially inspired by their mother’s life (who sadly passed away during lockdown), Ed and Pete Brookes as Brothers Abide penned ‘Til We Can Run‘, a song of hope, fortitude and unity for those suffering hardship.

The lyrics written by the brothers, who also provided backing vocals, have been taken to heart by the people of Ukraine, with the majority of the more than 100,000 YouTube hits emanating from the country due to its heartfelt plea for freedom, peace, unity and harmony.

The song is a celebratory and uplifting piece of ‘Euro pop’ completely composed over the internet due to lockdown restrictions. Featuring contributions from musicians and singers from Britain, Romania, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, and mixed in the Netherlands, it’s pan-global appeal bursts with positivity at a time when many need it most.

A combination of the uplifting lyrics and music, together with the stunning accompanying video put together by the brothers, helped to inspire students from the Ugandan orphanage Galaxy Foundation 256 (for children whose families have been torn apart by war and oppression), to create and upload their own video for the song via YouTube.

Ed and Pete, said: “Thanks to the song’s pan-global composition and creation it really is for everyone but seems to resonate more deeply with those in need of comfort and support, hence its popularity in war-torn Ukraine.

“It proves that a small idea can have a big impact.”

Reaching the widest audiences possible is the mission of Brothers Abide, to spread the message of hope. To further this mission, two new remixes were commissioned for new genres, new listeners and new people.

These exciting new pieces will be released later this summer. And everyone at Rydal Penrhos would like to congratulate Ed and Pete on their incredible work to inspire others in times of crisis.


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