Spring Concert: Rydal Penrhos Hosts Unforgettable Whole School Spectacle
April 19, 2024

On Wednesday 17 April 2024, the Memorial Hall at Rydal Penrhos witnessed an evening of performing arts brilliance, as it hosted the much-anticipated Spring Concert.

The evening was an ode to talent, dedication, and enthusiasm as pupils from various year groups showcased their remarkable skills in music, drama, and performance arts.

The concert, a culmination of weeks and months of preparation and practice, was a testament to the thriving artistic community at Rydal Penrhos.

From enchanting musical performances to captivating dramatic pieces, the event left the audience spellbound from start to finish.

Highlights included mesmerising vocal solos by David Tate, Safa Maqsood, and Violet Roberts, who brought iconic melodies from ‘Grease‘ and ‘Waitress’ to life with their emotive renditions.

Not to be outdone, instrumental virtuosos like Ophelia Lees, Tristan Griffiths, and Gwyn Davies captivated the audience with their soul-stirring performances on piano, drums, cello, and more.

Speech and Drama performances added another layer of entertainment to the evening, with pupils showcasing their acting prowess in a variety of skits and short plays.

From comedic interpretations of Shakespearean classics to a belly-laugh inducing performance of Catherine Tate’s ‘Gooseberry and Cinnamon Yoghurt’ sketch, the talented young actors demonstrated the strength of the school’s Speech and Drama offer.

As the curtains drew to a close, the grand finale ‘Do All the Good You Can’ brought together voices from across the school, reminding everyone of our shared mission as a school. It was a fitting conclusion to an evening of many highlights.

Principal Mr Hutchinson thanked staff – including Mr McGuinness, Mrs Northwood, and Mrs Bloomfield – for making the event a resounding success. He commended the dedication and talent of all the pupils involved, whose hard work and commitment shone brightly on stage.

The 2024 Spring Concert will be remembered as a brilliantly successful evening of music and drama. As we move further into the Trinity Term, we can look forward to more show stopping performances when our new productions of ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Bugsy Malone’ debut.