Denise Parry retires from Rydal Penrhos after 18 years
September 22, 2020

As we say “happy retirement” to Denise Parry who joined Rydal Penrhos in March 2002, 18 years ago, we do it with sadness.

Denise who joined as secretary to Rydal Penrhos’ deputy head at the time Hazel Healy. The summer after joining Lynne Horner took on the mantel of deputy head and then after that Tim Cashell.

Denise joined at the start as an admin assistant and developed into an academic administrator specialist under the deputy head academic Julian Noad. She has enjoyed all of her roles and loved solving problems on iSAMS (the school database/internal and external communications programme).

She has formed long and strong friendships while in school and perhaps one of the most notable was with Jenny Marden, the admissions manager who has also taken retirement.

You would always see them walking and talking on the streets around the school on their lunch breaks. The duo plan on becoming a trio with Julie Lucas and long walks will become part of their new lifestyle.

Sally-Ann Harding, Head of Rydal Penrhos Senior School, said; “I will miss Denise enormously, she has been the most loyal secretary who has always shown integrity and reliability.

“Denise was meticulous and innovative in all she did and could always be relied upon to remind me of a deadline. She was never afraid to look at new initiatives and she will always be remembered to me as the Queen of the Spreadsheets.

“She helped to run the Academic Office efficiently and was warm and friendly to the staff and pupils who relied on her; she never let anyone down and was always there to help.”

Denise remembers fondly something the team nicknamed “Mad Friday” which was just a fond term given to the immense amount of work needed before the weekend and the fact they would laugh their way cheerfully through it, with Phil Mather and Mike Leach on hand to pop in and keep spirits high.

The much-loved staff member is really looking forward to spending more time with her husband in their new motor home.

They have already done short breaks to Chatsworth, Bakewell and Buxton. Denise also wants to sort out her home office and get it as organized and tidy as her school one.

One interesting and amazing little known fact about Denise is that she is a medal winner in ballroom dancing with her husband. So as she waltzes out of school and tangoes into retirement she says: “I will miss the social side of school, the laughs, Sally (the head) and iSAMS.”