Dragon Nest Discovery Activity Demonstrates Benefits of Rydal Penrhos Forest School
March 18, 2023

Rydal Penrhos Pre-School pupils recently had a wonderful day of imaginative learning and play in the Forest School, as they discovered many interesting nests, eggs and unusual creatures.

At Rydal Penrhos, we firmly believe that our pupils should have the opportunity to connect with their local environment and the great outdoors. It is an integral part of our ethos to nurture the intellectual, physical and emotional development of our pupils, and that’s why we are proud to offer Forest School as part of our curriculum.

Forest School is an educational approach that prioritizes learning in the natural environment, encouraging children to explore, discover and develop their natural curiosity. This approach offers a range of benefits, from improving physical health and fitness, to boosting confidence and self-esteem, and developing important life skills. We are delighted that our youngest pupils recently had a magical time in the forest, where they were able to witness the beauty of nature up close.

Pupils learned all about growth and change and supercharged their creativity as they took part in an activity discovering birds, nests and eggs dotted around the forest.  A number of interesting and highly unusual nests were discovered, which sparked pupils’ imaginations and stimulated their thinking. At one point they found an egg that had slipped from its nest; demonstrating their kindness and good-nature, pupils carefully returned it to its home.

Our Little Stars were amazed by the variety of ‘eggs’ around the forest. One egg was large and yellow with big feathers all around it. The children decided that it must be from a very big bird! They later found a massive green egg in a big nest, which looked like it had an animal bone by it. Some children thought it might be a dinosaur egg, while others thought it might be a Welsh dragon egg!

Surrounded by the lush sounds of forest life around them, pupils listened attentively for the different kinds of birdsong around them and tried their best to copy it. Pupils also learned many new words, and ended the day catching snowflakes on their tongues as a snow flurry descended from the heavens.

Forest School, Coastal School, and Pre-School’s outdoor play spaces demonstrate the central importance our school places on connecting our youngest pupils to the outdoors and their local environments. By providing this unique and engaging learning experience, we are not only allowing pupils to engage in all-important imaginative play, but are also encouraging pupils to develop a love and appreciation for nature.

It is perhaps because we take these steps as a school that so many Rydal Penrhos pupils have become keen advocates for environmental sustainability. An especially keenly-felt issue for pupils of all ages, the school’s approach to tackling its carbon footprint is led by a thriving pupil-led Eco Committee.

As we look ahead, pupils and parents can expect many more exciting adventures in Forest School. With ‘Coed y Plant’, or the ‘Children’s Forest’, continuing to play such a prominent role in the Pre-School and Prep curriculum, Rydal Penrhos pupils continue to receive every encouragement to become responsible, compassionate and engaged citizens of the world.