Prep School staff giving Joe Wicks a run for his money
January 28, 2021

Rydal Penrhos Prep School staff have been giving Joe Wickes a run for his money during the second educational lockdown.

Being stuck at home isn’t easy. We are now almost a year into the coronavirus pandemic restrictions and although the end might be in sight with vaccine distribution now in full flow, things can get understandably a little frustrating at times for all concerned.

Our incredible teaching staff at Rydal Penrhos are all-too-aware of this. They have been in constant dialogue with pupils and parents alike throughout an unprecedented period of disruption, offering assistance, support and guidance in whatever way they can to make things easier in their own way.

One key area that often gets overlooked during the various lockdowns is the importance of physical health and wellbeing. Rydal Penrhos has made a keen effort to ensure this remains at the forefront of everybody’s minds across all year groups, with Prep School staff taking inspiration from a fitness phenomenon to further aid the children under their care.

During the second educational lockdown that began following the Christmas break, teachers have been delivering a live 30-minute fitness session during the school day that has proved hugely popular with pupils young and old at the Prep School.

The idea came after getting involved in the Joe Wicks workouts during the first lockdown period last spring – which became a national sensation – and they’ve now opted to take on the mantle of delivering their own sessions that pupils can enjoy from the comfort of their own home or in the case of keyworker children, during their time on-site.

They have gone above and beyond the call of duty once again to provide the fun fitness sessions, which takes pupils away from their online learning for a brief period to get some vital exercise and have plenty of fun in the process.

This is similar to what is being deployed at the Senior School, with staff putting on health and wellbeing sessions at the end of each weekday that anybody working or learning at Rydal Penrhos can participate in.

Rydal Penrhos has led the way in regards to remote learning and maintaining structure over the last 11 months, which is a testament to the exceptional dedication shown by staff in a bid to make sure that every pupil’s respective goals remain the same.

Giving Joe Wicks a run for his money is just a small – but essential – part of this.


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