Maths hopefuls aiming for further success in UKMT Girls’ Olympiad
October 3, 2019

A group of female mathematicians have taken part in a prestigious national challenge in the hope of success.

The hopefuls all sat the Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad paper on Tuesday, October 8, which was administered by the United Kingdom Maths Trust.

The MOG is a competition aimed at girls in Year 11 and above and lasts for a testing two and a half hours.

It consists of five complex mathematical problems for which full written solutions are required, and the maximum possible score any candidate can achieve is 50.

The strongest candidates will be selected to the British Olympiad squad and can also receive various prizes according to their scores.

In 2017, the national mean score was six, a significant reduction from 2015; prizes were awarded to the 32 candidates who scored 30 or more.

Distinction certificates were awarded to those scoring 12 or more, and an Honourable Mention was given in the results sheet to those scoring less than 12, but nevertheless achieving full marks on any one question.

The Sixth Form pupils will be looking to continue Rydal Penrhos’ incredible list of achievements in UKMT competitions, which have seen the school’s academic prowess highlight with individuals gaining scores that put them among the brightest minds in the country.

Results will be announced in the coming weeks.