Former pupil turned dentist is living the dream
August 5, 2022

A former Rydal Penrhos pupil turned dentist is living the dream after selling his practice and sailing around the world.

We are always thrilled to hear of stories featuring former Rydal Penrhos pupils thriving in the working world. This is a testament to the exceptional foundation they receive at the school, something that allows them to flourish in a safe, happy environment from Pre-School to Sixth Form.

Mike Hesketh, who attended the school from 1997-99, has been on an eventful journey since leaving Rydal Penrhos, which began at the university before joining the Navy, the Marines and then starting up and selling his own dental practice.

Dentistry and business were always great passions for Mike, even as a pupil. He attained exceptional examination results and thrived in higher education, where he successfully obtained his qualifications to become a dentist.

Upon leaving university, Mike then went on to become a Navy dentist and held the same position with the Marines before setting up his own practice, which was another major success. By the time the former pupil headed back to the University of Exeter for an MBA in 2016, he had 10 dentists and 40 staff overall on the books.

Mike has now completed his second degree, with his dissertation centring on a business plan for a dental chain with a financial backer. He also sold his practice for considerable profit and planned on sailing around the world with his family before beginning his next venture.

Speaking to High Five, Mike offered advice for any aspiring dentist looking to follow a similar path, outlining the need to be fearless when it comes to making significant changes to any project in pursuit of progress.

“If it’s growth you’re after, change everything from top to bottom. Patients like to see investment. You get about 10 people who will complain. Remove them from your life if they don’t self-select themselves. Then start afresh, improving things for everyone who wants to move with the times.”

Mike now focuses his time on bespoke healthcare leadership coaching and is also a director of Dartmoor Dental Ltd. But what advice would he give himself as a 21-year-old based on numerous life experiences so far?

“Everything that you do, be it education or business or work, is leading you onto a path of achieving whatever your ultimate goal is. Everything you do is worthwhile, even travelling.”

Everyone at Rydal Penrhos would like to congratulate Mike on his incredible success. A truly inspirational story that deserves recognition.


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