Rydal Penrhos Gallery: Y7 & 8 abstract art project
July 21, 2020

A pair of year groups at Rydal Penrhos produced some incredible work during another thought-provoking art project.

Suzy Morris, an art teacher at Rydal Penrhos’ prep and senior sites, tasked the Year 7 and 8 contingents with coming up with their own abstract piece.

This was drawing inspiration from Frank Bowling, a Guyana-born British artist who created paintings relating to Abstract expressionism, Colour Field painting and Lyrical Abstraction.

Mrs Morris, said: “While Frank Bowling has distanced his work from questions of race, he has nevertheless been a trailblazer in the British art scene.

“His work Spread out Ron Kitaj was the first painting Tate Britain ever bought from a living black artist.

“In 2005, Bowling became the first black British artist to be elected to the Royal Academy, and he is the recipient of an OBE.”

This was another online learning topic that really captured the imagination of each pupil, and it brought some creative and outstanding final paintings in the process.

It has been something of a trend over the last few months for both Year 7 and 8, with Mrs Morris providing both groups with some topical projects during the coronavirus lockdown and upon their socially distanced return to Rydal Penrhos.

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