Safeguarding Audit Lauds Rydal Penrhos’ Safe and Happy School Community
April 25, 2023

Rydal Penrhos has recently received high praise in an independent safeguarding audit commissioned through the Methodist Independent Schools Trust (MIST).

At Rydal Penrhos, the safety and wellbeing of our pupils is the first and most important priority, with a strong focus on the issue trickling down through the school from the governing board and senior leadership to even the newest members of staff.

This culture of teamwork and vigilance in support of pupil safety was recognised in a recent independent safeguarding audit, which Rydal Penrhos commissioned through the Methodist Independent Schools Trust (MIST). The audit was carried out by two experienced inspectors of safeguarding just before the end of the last term.

The resulting report was extremely complimentary about the school’s pupils, staff, protocols, procedures, and training. The lead inspector’s comments show that the school is doing an exceptional job in providing a safe and supportive learning environment for its pupils.

One of the key findings of the audit is that our pupils feel safe and happy at school. The inspectors noted that the pupils have a range of staff they can talk to about any worries and feel confident that staff will try to help. This is a great testament to the school’s pastoral care, which is a cornerstone of the school’s ethos.

The rich pastoral life at Rydal Penrhos is not an accident, but the consequence of various initiatives. From regular form time, during which pupils have an opportunity to check in with their form tutor regarding their progress, academic or otherwise, to a Peer Mentoring scheme that buddies up new Year 7 pupils with properly trained Year 12 and 13 pupils, who can offer a different point of contact and support than teachers, staff or parents.

The audit also praised Rydal Penrhos for building good links with partner agencies. This is something that is centrally important when escalating concerns regarding individual incidents but also plays a key role when addressing global factors that impact the safety and wellbeing of all pupils. For example, the school has collaborated closely with Conwy Borough Council and North Wales Police to implement reduced speed limits and no-parking zones around the school, and further measures will be introduced as and when deemed necessary.

The implementation of these new traffic controls coincides with a series of ongoing projects, led by the Estates Department, to aid the security of the school’s main campus. Gates, additional lighting, and CCTV are all in the pipeline and, once that work is complete, the school will introduce electronic entry and exit to further modernise its security and monitoring measures.

Overall, the positive feedback from the independent safeguarding audit is a testament to Rydal Penrhos’ commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for its pupils. We would like to thank all members of our community, but particularly our pupils, parents and staff, for supporting the school’s unwavering focus on safeguarding, both in and out of the classroom.