Y1 explore St John’s Church on Religious Studies visit
March 12, 2020

A Preparatory School year group got the chance to find out more about one of Rydal Penrhos’ most important landmarks during a Religious Studies trip.

The Year 1 contingent visited St John’s Church in Colwyn Bay on Friday, February 28, which is owned by Rydal Penrhos and is a prominent part of school life.

Reverend Nick Sissons, who holds the position of Chaplain at the school, welcomed the enthusiastic group in the sanctuary before pointing out some of the key features inside the church.

This included prominent areas such as the communion table, the pulpit, the organ and the font.

The pupils were already aware of many of these items from their preparatory lesson and the Chaplain was “impressed” by their knowledge.

Following their tour, each pupil then took part in a treasure hunt around the church, identifying a range of objects from photographs before trying to mark the same items on a ground plan of the building.

Rev’d Sissons, said: “The visit helped the children not only familiarise themselves with the inside of the school’s church but also learn about the kind of respectful behaviour expected of them in such places of worship.”

This is one of many trips organised throughout the academic year for Prep School pupils, which have been implemented with a view to broadening horizons, enhancing experiences and boosting classroom work.