Peter Kirby: Head Boy turned Entrepreneur
July 19, 2021

Former Rydal Penrhos pupil and Head Boy Peter Kirby co-founded the UK’s first and only green credit card company.

At Rydal Penrhos, we endeavour to set our pupils up for life, not just for the exam season. The school’s constant goal is to give all of our eager learners the confidence they need to strike out on their own into the world of work.

A brilliant illustration of this ideal can be found in Peter Kirby, former Head Boy and co-founder of Tred, the UK’s first and only green credit card.

During his time at Rydal Penrhos, which spanned from 2004-2010, Pete was closely involved in the school community. He captained the sailing team and the 1st XV rugby squad as well as being both a junior prefect and Head Boy – one of the most prestigious distinctions available to Year 13 pupils.

Even after he left Rydal Penrhos to attend the University of Durham, Pete continued to contribute to school life, playing alumni rugby for the Rydal Vikings for a number of years.

Tred was created to help people understand the real impact their choices have on the planet. This may not be well-known to all, but everything we buy has an environmental cost, from our daily coffee to our weekly food shop.

However, we are often ignorant as to the extent of these costs: just how much ecological damage am I doing by buying that bottle of almond milk? That t-shirt from Primark? That litre of Armagnac?

Tred keeps track of these costs for us, as the app calculates exactly how many kilograms of carbon are ejected into the atmosphere per purchase. This helps the individual consumer reduce their impact on the environment in the long term, as it allows them to make more informed decisions about the sustainability of their shopping list.

Recently, Tred has expanded its operation by crowdfunding the creation of the UK’s first green credit card. They managed to raise more than £1 million – far surpassing their initial goal of £400,000 after an unbelievable amount of support.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Peter said: “The aim is to become the financial platform to help you live more sustainably. Tred gives you information on your environmental impact that no one else does.

“Every time you tap the card, you’ll know you’re doing good for the planet as we put profits into sustainability projects across the globe.”

With every purchase, you will help Tred plant a tree, as their profits fund reforestation projects, not fossil fuels.

The company has also introduced “Carbon Coach”, a tool that gives users personal tips and tricks for becoming more eco-friendly.

There are also plans in the pipeline for Tred to join forces with investment schemes like wind farms and green technology firms.

Today, when both the titans of industry and the average individual are increasingly interested in green alternatives, Tred seems very timely.

We can only hope that we will hear more from them in the years to come. Good luck, Pete, from everyone at Rydal Penrhos.


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