Pre-School enjoy Welsh Ambulance Service visit
April 13, 2022

Pre-School children at Rydal Penrhos got the chance to learn more about emergency response during a visit from the Welsh Ambulance Service.

Rydal Penrhos Pre-School provides a stimulating environment in which every child can thrive and develop at their own pace. They are also being prepared for the more structured environment of our Reception class which is where they move into at the age of 4.

Our exceptional Pre-School staff believe in encouraging children to be self-motivated and independent, yet aware of their peers. This is done through exciting activities that provide a solid foundation that they can take with them throughout the remainder of their education.

Not only this, but Pre-School children also get to experience new things with trips, outdoor education activities such as Coastal School and trained professionals from wide-ranging fields visiting Rydal Penrhos to further broader each child’s horizons.

Pre-School children have been learning about “people who help us” during a long-running project during the recently concluded Lent Term. This consisted of roleplay, interactive teaching methods and thoughtful discussion between the eager learners under the supervision of staff.

Children also got a special visit from the Welsh Ambulance Service, which was a source of great excitement and gave a first-hand account of the equipment used to bring their topic to life.

All the children had a go at ‘driving’ the ambulance and also were allowed to sound the siren. They asked so many interesting questions to the Ambulance staff in attendance and soaked up all the information.

This also included examining the life-saving equipment situated within each ambulance before returning to the Pre-School department to draw pictures and put their cutting skills to good use by making collages of ambulances.

In recognition of their superb conduct and attentiveness, children were rewarded by playing in a blossom shower under the trees situated on the plateau.

It was a fantastic learning session and Rydal Penrhos would like to thank the Welsh Ambulance Service for giving up their time to attend.


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