Y13 further maths group praised for mechanics presentation
April 2, 2020

A group of Sixth Form pupils at Rydal Penrhos were tasked with a thought-provoking project to boost their knowledge surrounding mechanics.

The Year 13 further mathematics group, which consisted of Head Boy Ioan Peake-Jones, Jamie Lavery, Abhishek Bathula, Tallulah Batley, Eddie Farrell, Bijou Rajagopal, William Stewart and Matt Fiorita, worked the teacher Darren Baker on creating a project relating to this particular part of the syllabus.

The topics chosen for the project were Elastic Collisions, Work Energy and Power, in addition to Elastic Strings and Springs.

Mr Baker, said: “The aim was to develop a deeper understanding of the mechanics syllabus by researching and teaching, which hopefully benefits them with solid revision for any assessment that may be upcoming and developing presentation skills needed for their university courses.”

There were several stages to the presentation, with each pupil needing to understand the key point required for their particular concept before putting a plan into action.

They also talked through an exam-style problem from a theoretical perspective and spoke about how their applications would make the transition to the working world.

It also included a practical example of how it could be used in industry, and the pupils created their very own physical model to further explain their idea.

The presentation brought some fantastic conclusions that received considerable praise from Mr Baker prior to the coronavirus school closure.